What area do you cover?

I am based in Newcastle upon Tyne and operate across the North East from the Scottish borders to North Yorkshire and anything in between.  Having said that, I love travelling so talk to me if you’re not in this area.

How much is delivery and collection?

Delivery and collection is free of charge within a 20 mile radius of Newcastle city centre.  Beyond this, there is a charge of 40p per mile each way.  If you would like to collect and return the crockery yourselves then there is no charge.

Do you deliver and collect the crockery direct to our venue?

Yes, I personally deliver it to your venue. I usually deliver it on a Friday for a Saturday wedding and pick it up on Monday. Of course, we are very flexible and work around you though!

Can I choose the crockery selection?

Where possible I can work with you to follow a colour scheme or a themed look but the mismatched feel is part of the charm.

Do you wash the items or do we have to?

You choose whether you want to do the washing up or not.  If you or your decide to wash the items please ensure that nothing goes in a dishwasher and is washed by hand in warm soapy water only.  If you would like me to wash up then there is a charge of 5% of your total hire.


What happens if things get broken?

Accidents do happen but not as often as you would expect.  If any items are broken, damaged or lost then there is a reasonable replacement cost that will be deducted from your initial deposit.