DIY – 3 Tier Cake Stand

People often ask me where I get my cake stands from and sometimes they’re amazed when I say I make them myself! More recently a lot of people have asked me  how to make them. It’s actually a very simple process that just requires some accurate measuring and a bit of nerve!


You will need:

Vintage plates in varying sizes
Cake stand fittings
Masking Tape
Tape Measure
Marker pen
Drill with a 6mm glass and tile drill bit
Surface to drill on
Jug of water or water spray

What to do:

Firstly, you need to find and mark the centre of each plate. Make a cross with masking tape roughly in the centre of the plate. Then using a tape measure, find the centre of the plate and mark with a dot or a cross.

This mark will be your drilling guide so it’s important to get it as close to the exact centre of the plate as possible. Once all the plates are marked you need to secure them ready for drilling.

I use an old decking board to drill onto which protects my kitchen table! Use masking tape to hold them in place so they don’t slip around when drilling.

Spray or pour a bit of water on top of where you are going to drill – this helps prevent the plate from cracking as the drilling can create a really high temperature. The masking tape cross will help with this too. The hole needs to be nice and straight otherwise you’ll end up with a wonky cake stand but it’s difficult to get the drill bit to ‘bite’ into the plate from a 90 degree angle. I start the drill on a slow speed and approach the plate at a 45 degree angle. Once it has ‘bitten in’ I gradually raise the angle of the drill to 90 degrees.

Take your time. It’s tempting to increase the speed of the drill but if you go slowly you’ve got a better chance of avoiding the plate cracking or any little chips forming around the drill hole.

Do this for all 3 plates then remove the masking tape and give them a wash. Next you can assemble your cake stand.

Et voila! Fill with delicious cakes or to serve afternoon tea or cover with fresh flowers as a beautiful table centerpiece.



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